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About BoxerForever.com
To all Starcraft players around the world, Boxer is a name that simply represents the best things about the game we love. He has contributed enormously to Starcraft's incredible popularity and longevity, and it is not too exaggerated to say after 8 years since the day Starcraft was born, many people are still interested in the game mainly because of Boxer and his influence.
Hence it's needless to say how much of a huge upset it has caused to our Starcraft community when our biggest and brightest star announced his leave. Boxer says he will come back, but even if that slight chance could ever happen, 2.5 years without him is still something seemingly unbearable enough.

While nothing could be done to change this sad fact, there are some things that Boxer fans can defintely do. Building a complete web site dedicated to Boxer is one of them.

With that said, BoxerForever.com has been developed with the following objectives:
- To build the first and complete collection of everything relating to Boxer in English.
- To show our appreciation to the Emperor for what he has done in his extraordinaory career. (And hopefully he will know this site someday)
- To help to raise awareness in Korea about international Starcraft community.

So no matter if you have been a silent admirer of Boxer for years or just a new fan - it's time to do something. Because it's either now or never.
How to contribute
BoxerForever.com really needs YOUR help to:
- Add more contents (including articles, pictures, games, interviews, figures, links.. basically everything relating to Boxer)
- Correct inaccurate and missed information (even spelling mistakes XD)
- Publicize the site to other Boxer and Starcraft fans
- Give comments and suggestions
Please send your contribution to admin@boxerforever.com.
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