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Profile - Fullname: Lim Yo-Hwan (or Im Yo-Hwan)
    - In Hangul: 임요환
    - In Hanja: 林遙煥
- Date of birth: 4 September 1980
- Location of birth: South Korea
- Height / weight: 180cm / 70kg
- Eye color: Brown
- Bloodtype: B
- Family: Kang Tae Sun (mother), Lim Byung Tae (father), and 3 older sisters
- Religion: Christian (Catholic)
- Hobbies: Listening to music, working out, watching movies, reading manhwa (comics)
- Favorite movie: The Way Home (Korean)
- Favorite sport: Football (soccer)
- Favorite season: Winter
- Childhood dream: Professional football player
Career Officially became a professional gamer on February 2nd, 2001
- Televised match record: 500 wins, 336 losses
- Starcraft race: Terran
- Teams:
     Ideal Space (?-?)
     Orion (?-2002)
     4Union (2002-2003)
     SKTelecom T1 (2003-present)
- Starcraft IDs: SlayerS_`BoxeR`, SLayerS_`BoxeR`, BOXER, SKTelecomT1_BoxeR, Jung[Terran], WoodJohn, Jung[Orion], gonia_kr, limyh, gonia119_kr, Silent_WoW, Silent_Jealousy, ('.' )
Summary biography From Wikipedia Lim Yo-Hwan, known by the pseudonym SlayerS_`BoxeR` (usually shortened to Boxer), is one of the most successful players of the real-time strategy game StarCraft to date. He is the most popular Starcraft player with a fan club of almost 600,000 members and a DVD compilation of his greatest games released in South Korea.

Lim has an impressive record with 435 wins and 284 losses in his professional career. This success has brought him the highest salary of professional gaming, exceeding an annual income of 300,000 US Dollars per year, excluding prize money and endorsements. In 2004 he was voted the greatest gamer of all time by readers of ESReality, one of the most popular western electronic sports websites, and in June 2006 he was included in an MTV list of "The 10 Most Influential Video Gamers Of All Time".

Lim first came to fame by dominating professional Starcraft while choosing to use the Terran race at a time when this was seen as a relatively weak choice in comparison to the other two Starcraft armies. This reign of dominance earned him the nickname the "Terran Emperor" among Koreans. During this early time in his career he innovated heavily, creating many new strategies which are still copied today, most notably making much more effective use of the Terran Dropship unit than had been achieved in the past. He also gained a reputation for being able to turn around matches against the odds and having excellent micromanagement (unit control) skills. In contrast, his weakness is thought by some commentators to be poor macromanagement (economy/unit production) skills in comparison to other top-level professional Starcraft players, although his macromanagement has improved over the last few years.

Though recently he has seen a gradual loss of dominance with other players improving at a faster pace and catching up to him, he was ranked 11th in the April 2006 Korea E-Sports Progamer Association (KeSPA) rankings, and made it to the finals of the EVER OnGameNet Starleague of late 2004 (losing to iloveOOv by three games to two) and the finals of the 2005 So1 OnGameNet Starleague (losing to Anytime by three games to two).

Boxer is not only the best gamer, he is one of the oldest. He has played professionally since 1.07, and has managed to stay competitive by constantly changing his style. His influence is so great that when Boxer changes his own style, the entire game is changed. He is the all-time leader in games played and wins. He is a two time OSL champion, MSL champion, two time WCG champion, and leader of the SK Telecom team. His eye for talent is unparalleled, as he drew Iloveoov from the amateur ranks. His team has been untouchable in ProLeague play under his guidance. Full article...

Major achievements and milestones

- Highest ranked StarCraft progamer of all time

Highest average ranking, together with Nada and YellOw (as of November 2005).

- World Cyber Games champion 2001 and 2002

- The only StarCraft player in the Hall of Fame

(Source needed)

- First player to win more than one OSL (Hanbitsoft and Coca Cola 2001)

And the only so far to have won two consecutive OSLs.

- Won the first KPGA Tour

(Now is known as MBC Starleague).

- Finished 2nd in Ongamenet Starleague 4 times

(2001 SKY, 2002 SKY, 2004 EVER, 2005 SO1)

- Finished 2nd in the first KT-KTF Premiere League 2003

Lost 1-3 to Nada in the finals (VOD: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3 - Game 4).

- First player to achieve 100 wins in OSLs

As of December 2005, Boxer made his 100th win against Stork which made his score 100-60 (TvT 22-13, TvZ 49-19, TvP 29-28). - Highlight.


- The first programmer in the world to earn a record income of $US 200,000

(Source needed)

- The only one to win the WCG twice

However, it should be noted that back in those days in Korea the winner had been invited automatically to the next WCG.

- Longest player to hold first place in KeSPA rankings

17 months from 2001 November to 2003 March - a major record that is nearly impossible to be broken

- Has the biggest fanclub

As one of the most popular celebrities in Korea, Lim Yo-Hwan has a fanclub of approximately 600,000 members (586,166 as of May 2nd 2006) which is believed to be only less popular than the legendary Korean boyband H.O.T. Being nationwide recognized, he has participated in many special e-sport events such as playing Starcraft with a blind boy and members of the Parliament. (Source needed)

- 13 win streak vs Zerg (May 2005 to May 2006)

In 12 months, Boxer unstoppably beat almost every best Zerg player in all major leagues. The series included a micro-intensive drastic battle against YellOw, the famous barrack blockage against JulyZerg on 815 and a total ownage against ChoJJa when he was at his very peak in ZvT. It later ended when Boxer surprisingly lost to Shinhwa in the second stage of OSL Shinhan Bank 1 2006 and was disqualified. - View highlight.
Ongamenet Starleague
99 Progamer Korea Open 1999

Hanaro Communication Tooniverse Starleague 1999-2000

Freechal 2000

King of Kings 2000 (or 2001?) ? 2001

OSL Hanbitsoft April - June 2001
1. Boxer
2. Jinnam
3. Grrr...

OSL Coca-Cola July - September 2001
1. Boxer
2. Yellow
3. V-Gundam

Sky 2001 October - December 2001

King of Kings 2002 January 2002

OSL NATE April - June 2002
Round of 16

OSL Sky 2002 July - October 2002
1. Reach
2. Boxer
3. Yellow

OSL Panasonic November 2002 - February 2003
Round of 8

OSL Olympus April - June 2003
1. Xellos
2. Yellow
3. Boxer

OSL MyCube August - October 2003
Round of 8

OSL NHN Hangame December 2003 - March 2004
Round of 16

OSL Gillette April - July 2004
Not qualified

OSL Ever August - November 2004
1. IloveOOv
2. Boxer
3. Reach

OSL IOPS January - April 2005
Round of 16

OSL Ever 2 May - July 2005
Not qualified

OSL So1 August - November 2005
1. Anytime
2. Boxer
3. Oov

OSL Shinhan 2005 December 2005 - March 2006
Top 8 (lost to IloveOOv)

OSL Shinhan 2006 1st April - June 2006
Top 16 (lost to Shinhwa)

OSL Shinhan 2006 2nd August - October 2006
Not qualified
MBC Starleagues
KPGA 1st Tour
1. Boxer
2. Yellow
3. IntoTheRain

KPGA 2nd Tour
Round of 8 (lost to YellOw)

KTEC Winner's Championship
1. Yellow
2. Boxer
3. Nada

KPGA 3rd Tour
1. Nada
2. Reach
3. Boxer
4. Chrh

KPGA 4th Tour
Top 8

Stout MSL
Not qualified

Trigem TG MSL 2003
Not qualified

Not qualified

Spris MSL 2004
Not qualified

You're the GolfKing MSL
Not qualified

Round of 16 (lost to Reach)

Snickers All-star League
1. YellOw
2. Nada
3. Boxer

Round of 16

Pringles 1 MSL
Round of 8 (lost to Midas)

Pringles 2 MSL
Round of 8 (forfeit)

Other tournaments
WCG 2001
1. Boxer
2. Elky_fr

WCG 2002
1. Boxer
2. Yellow

KT-KTF Premiere League 2003
1. Nada
2. Boxer

MBC Winner's Championship 2003
1. YellOw
2. Boxer

China-Korea Cyber Games 2005
Round of 8