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Video Memorable moments Boxer mimicking units' sound Boxer MV - Better Man Girls love him Boxer's hi-5
Interviews Boxer Power Interview - on KBS 1TV, hosted by Lee Geumhee, May 2nd 2006 (English translation included) A normal day of Lim Yo-Hwan - on ghemTV A tour to SKT T1 headquarter - tourguided by Boxer Boxer interview after beating YellOw in WCG 2002 Finals Boxer asked about sex
Memorable moments KPGA 1st Tour Champion After losing to IloveOOv in OSL Even Finals 2004 After losing to Anytime in OSL So1 Finals 2005 In CJ SuperFight 3.10.2006 - a special showmatch to farewell Boxer On Army's enrolment day - 10.10.2006
Fun pix
Flash Boxer vs YellOw